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Simplification is Our Innovation

Quadrax Contacts

Conforming to the Arinc Ethernet latest specification, Radiall quadrax contacts are the perfect solution for high speed data rate applications, especially in aerospace harsh environments. Made of an outer contact and four inner contacts forming two 100 Ohm impedance differential pairs, Quadrax contacts can accommodate 100 to 120 ohm cable types, while offering:

  • High performance: Quadrax contact design helps preserving good signal integrity, passing up to 1Gb/s with one quadrax contact for short distance or with two contacts for long distance.
  • Flexibility: Available as PC tail and crimp contacts for a large variety of cables ((Tensolite/ Gore / Thermax …), Radiall’s broad range can be used in cable-to cable and PCB-to-cable applications.
  • Simplification: In order to simplify maintenance, Radiall developed Front release / front removable version for PCB as well as rear release rear removable contacts.
  • Cost savings: Going one step further in answering customers’ needs, Radiall recently developed a new design-to-cost quadrax.

Capitalizing on its expertise, Radiall designed Quadrax contacts for  its full range of global interconnect solutions allowing customers to mix and match connectors features, from lightweight shells to high density contact arrangements in ruggedized connectors with high speed data rate.

Available for any Radiall series: NSX Arinc 600; DSX Arinc 404 -SAE-AS81659; MPX; EPX®; HDQX; 38999 and QuickFusio™

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