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DSX - Arinc 404 - SAE-AS81659

Used on most major civil and military programs, Radiall’s DSX series is a proven solution to electrically connect equipment rack to avionics equipment. This historical series exists in several versions:

  • DSX SAE AS81659 is available in four shell sizes and in environmental or non-environmental versions. With an EMI/RFI option available to improve shielded effectiveness, DSX SAE AS81659 connectors cover both civil and military applications.
  • DSX Arinc 404 shell type A and B is the original connector, mainly dedicated today to commercial applications.

In order to answer equipment manufacturers’ specific needs, Radiall also developed a solution for front release front removable (FR/FR) contacts to facilitate installation and maintenance: DSX-F and DSX-K receptacles. Fully intermateable with ARINC 404 type B and SAE AS81659 plugs, they offer the same characteristics as SAE AS81659 connectors.

With numerous configurations and a wide variety of contacts and accessories, the DSX series offers a robust and high performance solution for both OEMs and aircraft manufacturers. 

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DSX Series (SAE AS81659 - ARINC 404) Catalog
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