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Product Number Product Name Document
R599922000 Bracket Min. R573&4 SP11-12p
R599921000 Bracket Min. R573&4 SP9-10p
R599920000 Bracket Min. R573&4 SP3-8p
R599910000 DC-Connector SPDT DP3T DPDT
R599908000 DC-Connector R573&4 SP9-10p
R599906000 DC-Connector R573&4 SP3-6p
R599902000 DC-Connector R573&4 SP11-12p
R599900000 DC-Connector R573&4 SP9-10p
R599315000 Square Flange Std R573&4 71mm SP3-6p
R599314000 Square Flange Min. R573&4 74mm SP11-12p
R599313000 Square Flange Min. R573&4 69mm SP9-10p
R599312000 Square Flange Min. R573&4 63mm SP7-8p
R599311000 Square Flange Min. R574 63mm SP3-6p
R599310000 Square Flange Min. R573 63mm SP3-6p
R599309000 Square Flange Min. R574 57mm SP3-6p
R599308000 Square Flange Min. R573 57mm SP3-6p

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