At Radiall, we believe in collective intelligence and people’s aspirations to drive change. Therefore, expressing our purpose couldn’t take place without involving our teams. What did we learn? Our employees are committed to transforming Radiall into a company that makes a difference.

Now it's time for us to share our purpose and challenge others to join us in thinking beyond conventional methods to address the larger issues of our industries. We've expressed this with the phrase, Imagine Bigger. We've also given a voice to our company pride, challenging ourselves to use technology for the greater good. We call this, Imagine Blue.

Imagine Bigger, Imagine Blue is our transformation movement focused on engaging our employees and external stakeholders to shape the Radiall of tomorrow.

Together, we can make a difference.

I have always considered that a company is meant to bring a certain well-being to humanity. Defining a company’s purpose becomes a mechanism for individual motivation that fuels our collective energy. Humanity, our planet and the economy must find the right balance.

Pierre Gattaz

Pierre Gattaz Chairman of the Executive Board

Our Purpose

We have made a choice.
Technology can be a force for good, an opportunity to improve lives. Never before have we had so much potential to aim higher, go further and accomplish more. But we can only achieve real progress if we choose to unite our efforts and focus on the common good. At Radiall, we have made that choice. We engage in positive innovation for a better world.
The future is in our hands.
Environmental crisis, lack of education and unequal opportunities are among the urgent challenges that drive us. As manufacturers, we have the power to shape our destiny. Individually, we can reveal our talents, look beyond ourselves and become masters of our craft. Collectively, we can boost our local economies by creating meaningful jobs and setting an example in the way we grow our business. Our actions are the key to a sustainable, inclusive and equitable future.
What we do makes an impact.
We don’t merely manufacture products; we make an impact. By connecting complex systems, we foster simplicity. By empowering technology pioneers, we help improve communication, invent sustainable forms of mobility and create safer environments. And through our ingenuity, we help break down barriers.
Every connection counts.
More than a company, we are a diverse, vibrant and inspiring community. Trust binds us together, and collaboration is the energy that keeps us moving forward. The bonds we form are the foundation for every contribution we make, every change we facilitate. Together, we are building a chain of positive transformation.

Our Transformation Journey

The Future is Ours We introduce our transformation movement
to hundreds of managers
Transformation White Paper We identify 33 concepts and compile them
into a document to transform Radiall
Simplification is Our Innovation We define our mission through a tagline
Our Values All managers host workshops to share
Radiall's values with their teams
Our Purpose We define our purpose through company-wide
workshops and start identifying challenges to tackle
Imagine Bigger, Imagine Blue We launch a new transformation movement to live out our
purpose, inviting as many employees as possible to join
Sustainability Booklet We publish the first edition of our Sustainability Booklet, which
highlights commitments and initiatives that grow our purpose

Our Transformation Movement in Numbers

We invite employees at all our locations around the world to participate in programs and initiatives that embody our purpose and transform our company.
Alliances to Promote Research
Radiall has adopted a very proactive partnership approach to support the paradigm shift in the telecommunications market: how to develop infrastructures and accommodate 5G and 6G while keeping the environmental impact in check. We are supporting the research work within the CEA-Leti LabCom and the NGMN - Next Generation Mobile Networks. Connectivity experts from all over the world and players in the Telecommunications market have thus come together to design interfaces that are more efficient, more ergonomic and more respectful of the environment.
Radiall and the GIFAS*
Radiall is involved in the GIFAS electrical system working group. The objective of this working group is to map out the actions that will be required to define and certify “zero emission” aircraft. With the utilization of high voltages and higher currents, there are multiple challenges surrounding electrical discharge phenomena, which are accentuated by climbing in altitude. It is essential for all players in the industry, including Radiall, to work together and share their knowledge and technologies.

*The French Aerospace Industry Association
Coalitions to Protect the Environment
The French Business Climate Pledge is a voluntary alliance of French companies committed to developing and promoting solutions for the ecological transition. In 2021 we joined the alliance and the CEC in an effort to showcase the ambitions set out in our roadmap “Preserving Our Planet.” Our goal is to identify best practices, gather feedback from manufacturers facing the same challenges as ours and strive for low carbon growth. In 2022, with the belief that we could go faster and further by teaming up with other local players, we conducted group workshops at the CEC Grenoble branch. One of the projects we are working on together is to set up a local waste recycling chain.
Explorers, the Intrapreneurship Program
Explorers is a program that has been rolled out based on the belief that our ideas can only be of value if they are shared, explored, tested and then adopted. Therefore, nine months of guidance and coaching, individually or in a team, are offered to those who want to explore their ideas, develop them and rise to one of Radiall’s innovation challenges. This entire program centers around methodologies, inspired by the methods used by entrepreneurs: Design Thinking, Lean Start Up.
Healthy Together, Radiall’s Health Program
Our health program is based on four underlying principles: ensure that every employee benefits from adequate health coverage, reduce occupational risks on our production sites, foster health awareness and safeguard employment through to retirement. A network of local health ambassadors provide hands-on support and tailor actions to the needs and problems of each department.
The ConMdeMujer Program
Women make up 59% of the workforce at our Mexican site. Given that self-confidence, self-reliance and self-assertiveness are inseparable from personal development, we have launched the ConMdeMujer program to empower women. ConMdeMujer is a combination of meetings and sessions on topics such as women’s health, self-esteem, violence in the personal sphere and parent-child communication. In 2022, 420 women participated in this program.
Partnership with Elles Bougent
The Elles Bougent association encourages women to pursue careers in the aerospace and defense industries. We joined them in 2017; today, 19 female employees are involved as mentors. They work to promote the professions of women engineers and technicians with career guidance forums, international trade shows, innovation challenges and sharing experiences. They host events that create lasting connections and prove that careers in our industry are accessible to everyone, including women.