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Mathias Pez on 10+ Gbps Transcievers

Jun 2017

Mathias is the Director of the Active Components & Solutions business unit. He manages the marketing, product roadmap, and design & development of active optics products.... read more.

Michel Maximilien on 10 Flexible Cables

Jun 2017

Michel is the Global Product Manager for RF cable assemblies in the RF&I Business Unit. He oversees the development and marketing strategy for test and measurement products including SHF and Test Pro cable and cable assemblies.... read more.

Cathy Combet on Q-MTitan™

Jun 2017

Cathy serves as the Fiber Optics Product Manager and oversees the entire product life cycle for Q-MTitan™.... read more.

Carine Lahoreau on QuickFusio™

Jun 2017

Carine is the Marketing Manager for Multipin Connectors and the Aerospace Market Manager where she analyzes market changes and oversees Radiall’s development strategy.... read more.

TNC Self Lock Plug Simplifies Installation

Jun 2017

How does Radiall’s TNC Lock Plug simplify installation in harsh environments? TNC Self Lock Plug saves installation time aboard the aircraft by eliminating the need for extra lock wiring steps at install, instead it uses a proprietary self-locking coupling nut that can be tightened by hand. The only tool needed is optional, and it is a standard torque wrench. On average, installation time goes from 3-5 minutes (or more for difficult to reach installations) with traditional lock wire to only 15-20 seconds!... read more.

C-MTitan’s™ Quick Disconnect

Jun 2017

How does C-MTitan™ simplify maintenance? The C-MTitan™ series of products is located within equipment boxes, and helps provide a complete optical link from the active device to the ship side harness. In terms of maintenance, having a disconnect between the active device and the contact exiting the box will not only save time and money during replacement, but will allow the active component to be salvaged. Couple this with the tool less insertion/extraction functionality of the C-MTitan™ cartridge into the various adapter options or connectors, and your equipment will be back up and running in no time.... read more.

EPX® Simplifies Stock Management

Jun 2017

How does EPX® simplify stock management? Simplification of stock management is derived from the modularity the EPX® connector series provides, meaning the inserts are not fixed within the shell and are removable. Customers can simply order shells, inserts and contacts separately, and build the desired connector to meet the needs of their application. No need to reserve shelf space for connectors that serve one application!... read more.

QuickFusio™ In-Line Receptacle

Jun 2017

Radiall expands the QuickFusio™ series with a new product offering: QuickFusio™ In-Line receptacle. This new version simplifies secure connection in harness-to-harness applications while bringing time savings and flexibility.... read more.

5 Things to Know for Paris Air Show

Jun 2017

1 | There is a Paris Air Show App Customize your visit by downloading the Paris Air Show app from the App store or the Google Play store. It features an interactive map to search for exhibitor booths. While at the show, easily find your friends in real time by sharing your location within the app. With the robust search feature, all the exhibitors and products you want to see most are just a tap away. Mainly interested in the aerial presentations? The app lets you filter the flight schedule by country, exhibitor, and flight type. Download it now to see the other special features!... read more.

Quick Multipin Simplifies Wiring Design

Jun 2017

How does QM simplify cable management? The Quick Multipin connector series simplifies cable management by providing an interconnect solution for aerospace and harsh environments that doesn’t require the use of a disconnect panel. In addition, the modularity of the connector’s inserts allow terminations to be conducted prior to installation on the aircraft. Combine this with the tool-less functionality of these connectors, and installation time for your application is greatly reduced.... read more.

A Solution For Space Constraints

Jun 2017

How does QuickFuisoTM and Q-MTitanTM simplify high speed data transfer? The combination of QuickFusioTM with Q-MTitanTM simplifies high speed data transfer by providing a robust interconnect that allows 12 fiber optic channels to be located within a size 8 Quadrax cavity. As a result, the small form factor addresses both space constraints and the need for higher data throughput.... read more.

7 Books On Innovation

Jun 2017

We want to be prepared for the future, so here are the 7 latest books on innovation that Radiall’s leadership team is reading:... read more.

Ruggedized High Density FO in Quadrax #8

May 2017

Q-MTitan™ Fiber Optic contact brings multifiber capability through one standard #8 Quadrax cavity. The innovative design of Q-MTitan™ protects the widely used MT ferrule and provides a sealed and rugged interconnect for harsh environments that are exposed to high temperature ranges and vibration levels.... read more.

Jennifer Guerrera

May 2017

Ever wonder what the hiring manager at your job interview is really looking for? Our HR Generalist, Jennifer, can tell you.... read more.

Space Coaxial Very High Power TNC Connectors

Apr 2017

Q-MTitan™ Fiber Optic contact brings multifiber capability through standard #8 Quadrax cavity. Q-MTitan™ innovative design protects the widely used MT ferrule and provides a sealed and rugged interconnect for harsh environments. It extends Radiall’s offering of end-to-end solutions: from active optics to complex optical systems.... read more.

Earth Day Everyday

Apr 2017

We are the stewards of our planet. At Radiall, we are committed to protecting the environment, and we constantly strive to improve our products and processes to meet environmental regulation standards without compromising the quality of our products.... read more.

V-Band: Simplifying Integration

Mar 2017

The use of large scale solutions with our technology in the telecom industry is simply inspiring.... read more.

F-Light: Wireless High Data Rate Optical Link

Feb 2017

Your use of our technology in the defense industry is simply inspiring. You've inspired us to design a compact optical interconnect solution that supports high speed communication, contactless data transfer, and integration into high density boards.... read more.

A Comprehensive Outdoor Range

Jan 2017

The way you’ve applied our technology in the telecom industry is simply inspiring. In fact, you've inspired us to significantly improve our complete outdoor product range. The range includes Data, Signal, Power, Fiber and reliable RF solutions.... read more.

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