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EPX™ - EN 4644

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Standardized by EN4644 European standard, Radiall's EPX™ has been recognized as the leading rectangular modular connector and used in major commercial and business jet aircrafts.

EPX™ series is designed to cover any application including disconnect panel, Line Replaceable Module (LRM) and galleys and to meet OEMs' most stringent requirements providing:

  1. Flexibility with a broad range of shell styles, one range of inserts, contacts and accessories
  2. Space saving with high density inserts and stackable shells
  3. Time saving and cost effectiveness with modular parts that enable pre-wiring

The EPX™ series is completely modular and expandable with lightweight shells from size 1 to multigang versions. EPX™ inserts will also cover any contact technologies including signal, power, quadrax and fiber optics. EPX™ connectors answer all connecting needs with the use of a limited number of components.

To go one step further in cost effectiveness and innovation, Radiall introduced the first range for aerospace of quick mating connectors: QM series that uses EPX™ inserts and contacts.


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Mechanical Performance:

  • Mating/Unmating:
    • EPX™ Disconnect: 100 cycles
    • EPX™ Rack and Panel:  500 cycles
  • Random Vibration:
    • EPX™ Disconnect:  up to 27.8g
    • EPX™ Rack and Panel:  up to 16.9g
  • Shocks:
    • EPX™ Disconnect and Rack and Panel: 50g - 3 shocks on each axis
    • Exception: EPXB2 Disconnect: 300g – 3 shocks on each axis
  • Insert retention in shell: 400N (90 lbs)

Electrical Performance:

  • Shell to shell conductivity: < 2.5mΩ
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
    • 1,500 Vrms at sea level
    • 800 Vrms at 50,000 feet
  • Insulation resistance: > 5,000 MΩ at ambient temperature
  • Lightning strike:
    • EPX™ composite shells: 3kA – 1,600V
    • EPX™ aluminum shells: 5kA – 1,600V
  • EMI shield effectiveness: EN2591-213
    • Frequency 100 MHz: attenuation 65 dB
    • Frequency 200 & 300 MHz : attenuation 63 dB
    • Frequency 400 MHz: attenuation 62 dB
    • Frequency 500 & 600 MHz : attenuation 60dB

Environmental Performance:

  • Altitude immersion:
    • EPXA and EPXB inserts: 50,000 feet
    • EPXB Bulkhead inserts: 55,000 feet
  • Air leakage for EPX™ Bulkhead inserts: < 16 cm3/h per connector

Temperature range:

  • EPX™ Disconnect: -65°C/+175°C
  • EPX™ Rack and Panel and EPXB2 composite shells: -65°C/+125°C
  • Temperature life: 1,000 hours at maximum temperature
  • Salt spray: 96 hours

Materials and Finishes:

  • Shell: nickel plated aluminum or composite
  • Inserts: Thermosetting or high-grade thermoplastic
  • Interfacial seal and grommet: Fluorosilicone elastomer
  • Insert retention clip: Beryllium copper
  • Polarization keys: high grade thermoplastic
  • Jackscrew/Jacknut: stainless steel
  • Contacts: gold plating over copper alloy
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