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NSX - Arinc 600

Recognized as the worldwide leader in Arinc 600, Radiall's NSX series offers customers the widest range of solutions which can be mixed and matched to build custom connectors with:

  • The most comprehensive choice of inserts
  • A large selection of contacts
  • Robust accessories to answer all type of requirements
  • RoHS options and Environmental Surtec 650V Reach compliant solution

Learn More: Arinc 600 product brochure

Using our experience with different technologies, Radiall offers innovative solutions such as clip-free monoblock inserts or selective plating contacts to meet the aerospace markets new demands, at every level. Backward compatible with the last generation of Arinc 600 connectors, the new NSX cost efficient receptacle options offer up to -20% savings and up to -10% weight gains without compromising on reliability or performance.

Document Download
NSX Arinc 600 Series Catalog
NSX Arinc 600 Connector Handout
NSX Arinc 600 Backshells Handout
NSX - Arinc 600 Brochure
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