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Multipin Connectors

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B & MCSR Series B & MCS-R series
DSX Series (SAE AS81659 - ARINC 404) DSX - Arinc 404 - SAE-AS81659
EPX Series (EN4644) EPX™ - EN 4644
MMC Series MMC
MM & MB Series MM and MB series
MIL-DTL 38999 Type Connectors
MPX Series (MIL-DTL-83527B & EN3682) MPX - EN3682 - MIL - DTL - 83527
NSX Arinc 600 Series NSX - Arinc 600
QM Series QM
QuickFusio Series QuickFusio™
Multipin Connector Series - Part Number Index
EPXB2 - lightweight solution EPX™ - EN 4644
NSX Arinc 600 Connector NSX - Arinc 600
NSX Arinc 600 Backshells NSX - Arinc 600
QM Size A QM
QuickFusio™ QuickFusio™
QuickFusio™ 10Gb/s QuickFusio™
iEPX EPX™ - EN 4644
EPXB2 Bulkhead EPX™ - EN 4644
NSX Arinc 600 Selective Plating
QuickFusio QuickFusio™
NSX - Arinc 600 NSX - Arinc 600
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