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B & MCS-R series

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Specially designed for cable-to-cable and rack-to-cable, Radiall’s B and MCS-R series can cover many civil and military applications. Suitable for industries, transports, communications, power and electronic equipment, these connectors perfectly meet stringent requirements due to:

  • Rugged design to guarantee complete safety
  • 4 contact arrangements, with #8 to #32 non-removable contacts for B series and #28 to #113 front release rear removable (FR/RR) contacts for MCS-R series
  • Pin guides to ensure perfect alignment and reliability

B and MCS-R series are slim rectangular connectors made for a working current that ranges up to 15A for B series and up to 13A for MCSR series. Interchangeable, these two series feature the same range of backshells.

The B and MCS-R series a perfect interconnect solution for harsh environments due to the robustness and high reliability they provide.


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Mechanical Performance:

  • Mating & unmating: 500 cycles
  • Contact retention: > 50 N

Electrical Performance:

  • Current rating by contact:
    • B series: 15 A 
    • MCS-R series: 13A
  • Test voltage: 1500 V.r.m.s at 50 Hz
  • Insulation resistance: > 5000 MΩ 
  • Contact resistance:
    • B series : < 10 mΩ 
    • MCS-R series : < 12mΩ

Environmental Performance:

  • Temperature range: -55°C (-131°F) to +125°C (+257°F) 
  • Humidity: 21 days

Materials and finishes:

  • Insulator block: Glass filled phenolic resin per ASTM D 5948 Type MFH
  • Guide pins: Stainless steel
  • Fixing plate: Stainless steel
  • Pin B series contacts (male): Copper alloy (silver plated) 
  • Spring blade B series contacts (female): Copper alloy - silver plated 
  • MCS-R contacts: copper alloy (Gold over nickel plated)
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