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Conforming to the French specification NF-C93 426 HE 621-622, the MMC series has been widely approved for the use in all civil and military fields such as computer, telecommunications, medical, aeronautical, naval and nuclear. The MMC series offers:

  • Reliable and rugged shell
  • Broad range of accessories including backshell with cable clamp, contact protection shrouds and locking
  • Easy maintenance due to removable contacts

MMC connectors are made up of a rectangular insulation block and are available in ten different contact arrangements with 14 to 208 removable contacts. These contacts can be equally male or female contacts and are fitted with different types of wires and coaxial cables. Truly versatile with a broad range of contact arrangements and accessories, MMC connectors can be manufactured according to your exact specifications.

With the MMC series, Radiall offers highly adaptable rugged connectors that answer the majority of connection problems.


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Mechanical Performance:

  • Mating force per contact pair: < 3.4 N (0.76 lbs) 
  • Durability: 500 matings 
  • Vibration: 20 g from 80 to 2000 Hz
  • Shock: 50 g
  • Retention of the contact in molding: > 50 N (11.24 lbs)

Electrical Performance:

  • Insulation resistance: > 5000 M Ω
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1500 V.r.m.s. @ 50Hz (at sea level Materials)
  • Contact resistance: < 5M Ω
  • Current rating: 13A max. (Wire AWG depending).

Environmental Performance:

  • Temperature range: -55°C @ +125°C (-131°F to 257°F) 
  • Humidity: 21 days - Salt spray: 48H

Materials and finishes:

  • Connector: Glass filled phenolic resin (per ASTM D-5948 Type MFH)
  • Rack guide: Copper alloy (Nickel plated)
  • Jackscrews: Stainless steel
  • Shroud: Steel (Yellow chromate cadmium plated ) or aluminium alloy (yellow annodized)
  • Backshell: Zinc or aluminium alloy (Painted black )
  • Strain relief & cable clamp: Stainless steel or zinc alloy
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