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Providing high speed communication, the HDQX series is specially designed for the transmission of Ethernet and RF high speed signal required in civil and military applications.  HDQX connectors offer cable-to-cable and PCB-to-cable solutions and are perfectly suited for data networks, IFE systems, video control centers and naval and military vehicle communication. Addressing new aerospace market challenges, this stackable solution provides:

  • Space saving and high density solution with 12 size 8 cavities
  • Simple and secure connection
  • Extremely high electrical continuity

Specially designed to be fitted with standardized ARINC 600 Quadrax, HDQX shells will also cover #8 BMA, triaxial, twinax contact technologies.

Combining both the compact and rugged qualities necessary for high reliability and signal integrity, HDQX connectors provide customers with a high density and high performance solution for harsh aerospace environments.

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