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Designed for in-line disconnect applications on commercial aircrafts and business jets, QM series is the first aerospace QuickMating connector range. The QM series is widely used in today’s market due to its compact design, quick installation features and high aerospace performance. This solution provides the following to EWIS systems:

  • Time saving with a tool less connector
  • Weight savings with a composite connector mounted on a unique rail system
  • Cost effectiveness with a limited number of components through the use of EPX™ contacts and a versatile range of modular inserts

QM series is available in several shell formats – QM size A and size B, in order to optimize density and weight in the wiring system. QM shells also allow easy installation with a unique range of mounting device; this range includes stand alone devices and single and double sided rails.

The combination of reduced weight, compact size and intelligent and intuitive design create an ultra light connection requiring only fingertips for quick and easing connector mating. With the flexibility of EPX™ series parts combined with the innovation of QM series, customers receive a cost effective and user friendly solution.


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Mechanical performance:

  • Mating/unmating: 50 cycles
  • Random vibration: Up to 13.8 Grms
  • Shock: 50g –3  shocks on each axis
  • Insert retention in shell: 400N (90 lbs)

Electrical performance:

  • Shell to shell conductivity: Typical < 2.5 mohm
  • Shell to rail conductivity: Typical < 2.5 mohm
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
    • 1,500 Vrms at sea level
    • 800 Vrms at 50,000 feet
  • Insulation resistance: > 5,000 MΩ at ambient temperature
  • Lightning strike: 3.6 kA – 1,600V
  • EMI shield effectiveness: EN2591-213
    • Frequency 100 MHz: Attenuation 65 dB
    • Frequency 200 MH: Attenuation 63 dB
    • Frequency : 300 MHz: Attenuation 61 dB
    • Frequency 400 MHz: Attenuation 59 dB
    • Frequency 500 & 600 MHz: Attenuation 58dB

Environmental performance:

  • Altitude immersion: 50,000 feet
  • Temperature range: -65°C / +155°C
  • Temperature life: 1,000 hours at +155°C
  • Salt spray: 96 hours

Materials and finishes:

  • Shell: Nickel plated composite
  • Inserts: Thermosetting or high-grade thermoplastic
  • Interfacial seal and grommet: Fluorosilicone elastomer
  • Insert retention clip: Beryllium copper
  • Polarization keys: High grade thermoplastic
  • Contacts: Gold plating over copper alloy
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