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Engineered for use in any area within the aircraft, the QuickFusio™ series is the perfect connector solution for EWIS and cabin interior applications, including seat actuation systems, in-seat power supply and network, in-flight entertainment (IFE), lighting and Passenger Service Units (PSU). The QuickFusio™ series features a miniature size and offers a variety of benefits:

  • Competitive costs with the use of standard SAE-AS-38999 series II contacts
  • Versatile range with two different versions QuickFusio and QuickFusio+ covering any wiring systems due to 4 available rear outputs and 4 shell styles
  • Lightweight design with only 20 grams per pair, extreme compactness and contact density

Radiall’s experience in rectangular connectors and ability to design innovate solutions resulted in the revolutionary mechanical shape of QuickFusio, which combines the geometry of a square and a circle into an impressive compact and light weight design. Featuring a tool-less locking slide, the mating of the plug and receptacle is simple and offers the Radiall Touch: one finger mating – in a snap!

Combining high performance with quick and secure mating, this lightweight cost effective connector is the perfect solution for aerospace harsh environments.


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Mechanical characteristics

  • Mating/unmating: 500 cycles
  • Random vibration: EN2591 - 403 - method B - Level G (27.8 g)
  • Shock: EN2591-402 (50 g)
  • Insert retention in shell: 254 N

Electrical characteristics

  • Shell to shell conductivity: 2.5 mΩ max
  • Lightning strike: 5 kA – 1600 V
  • Magnetic permeability: <2 μ
  • Insulation resistance: > 5,000 MΩ
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage:
    • Contacts size 23: 500V
    • Contacts size 22 to 8: 1500V
  • Max current rating:
    • Contacts size 23 and 22: 5 A
    • Contacts size 20: 7.5 A
    • Contacts size 16: 13 A
    • Contacts size 12: 23 A
    • Contacts size 8: 46 A

Environmental characteristics

  • Temperature range: -65°C to +175°C
  • Salt spray: 96 hours
  • Altitude immersion: 55,000 feet for contacts size 22 to 8
  • Flammability: EN2591-317 FAR 25.853
  • Smoke and Toxicity: FAR 25.853 Appendix F
  • Fluids: EN 2591-315

Materials & finishes

  • Shell: High grade thermoplastic (nickel plated)
  • Insert Retention clip: Beryllium copper
  • Insert: High grade thermoplastic with metallic retention clip
  • Contact: Copper alloy, gold plated over nickel
  • Slide lock (plug): High grade thermoplastic
  • Grommet and interfacial seal: Fluorosilicone elastomer
  • Mounting plate (receptacle): Stainless steel
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