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MPX - EN3682 - MIL - DTL - 83527

Qualified according to MIL-DLT-83527B specification and to EN3682 European standards, Radiall’s MPX series, also known as DoD-C-83527, is used in military applications to connect avionics to the equipment rack. A ‘ruggedized version’ of the Arinc 600, Radiall’s MPX series brings together high density and robustness to answer the civil and military aerospace market’s needs when harsh environmental conditions are a concern.

MPX features:

  • Enhanced sealing
  • High conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • A robust, machined shell
  • Removable inserts with a various configurations

Available as connector assemblies or sold as kits for shells or inserts, Radiall’s MPX large product offering includes numerous insert arrangements and a large variety of accessories and contacts for any type of technology (Signal, power, coax, twinax, triax, quadrax contacts & optical temini or LuxCis® ARINC 801). 

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