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Bayonet coupling connector, operating in the range DC-4 GHz.
50 ohms / part series R141 (AEP 6500-6999)
75 ohms / part series R142

BNC was designed in the late 1940s for military use and named after its inventors as Bayonet Neil and Concelman. It is very popular in video and low frequency RF applications, and is standardized according to IEC 60169-8.


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  • Impedance: 50Ω & 75Ω
  • Frequency range:
    • 50Ω: DC ~ 4 GHz
    • 75Ω: DC ~ 6 GHz
  • Durability: 500 mating cycles min. (1000 Mating cycles for HDTV version)
  • Power rating at 1 GHz: 1000W
  • Temperature range: -65°C / +165°C


  • The outer diameter of the interface is approx 9.70mm
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