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Snap-On Connectors

Connectors featuring a "snap-on" coupling mechanism are easily connected with a straight push and unmated with a straight pull. They are well-suited for connections in limited spaces or dense environments.

Radiall offers a broad range of standard and proprietary snap-on series. The most popular snap-on interfaces are SMB and MCX. One of the main benefits of snap-on connectors is their 360-degree rotation, which makes it easy to connect and orient a right-angle plug to a receptacle. It can be easy to accidentally unmate snap-on connectors by pulling on the cable or connector, which can be seen as a weakness.

Snap-on interfaces are sometimes proposed as "slide-on" types. To connect, simply push the male and female connectors together; mating is then maintained by spring-finger friction. Slide-on versions are useful when connectors must be mated and unmated frequently; this is the case for test and evaluation.

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