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Sub miniature screw-on connector, operating in the range DC-18 GHz.

50 ohms / stainless steel version / part series R125 (AEP (9000-9999)

50 ohms / brass version / part series R124

SMA was originally designed in 1958 and standardized years later under IEC 60169-1. It is the most popular coaxial RF/microwave connector. Stainless steel models are dedicated for high durability and MIL/aero applications, while brass version SMA-COM is reserved for commercial and telecom applications. Some SMA connectors are specified up to 27 GHz.


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  • Impedance : 50Ω
  • Frequency range : DC ~ 18 GHz (DC ~ 27 GHz for Extended Frequency range SMA)
  • Durability : 500 mating cycles min.
  • Power rating at 1 GHz : 450W
  • Temperature range : -65°C / +165°C
  • Hemeticity : leakage rate below 10-8 atm/cm3/sec on specific glass bead products.


  • The outer diameter of the interface is approx 6.40mm
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