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SMA 2.9 (K)

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Sub miniature screw-on connector, operating in the range DC-40 GHz
50 ohms / part series R127
SMA 2.9 also called "K" or "2.92 mm" connector was developped in the 1980's and is standardized per IEC 61169-35.
Intermateable with SMA and SMA3.5, SMA 2.9 is used for test and measurement and for high frequency microwave modules. The range includes some SMA 2.9 connectors specified up to 46 GHz.


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  • Impedance : 50Ω
  • Frequency range : DC ~ 40 GHz (DC ~ 46 GHz for KAPTON Technology - test laboratory purpose)
  • Durability : 500 mating cycles min.
  • Power rating at 1 GHz : 450W
  • Temperature range : -65°C / +165°C (-65°C / +200°C for KAPTON Technology)


  • The outer diameter of the interface is approx 6.40mm
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