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The IMP-SR is a ground-breaking solderless product adapted to meet RF, data and signal interconnection needs for emerging active antennas. With a minimum size of 3.1 mm and a diameter of 2.52 mm, its simple architecture makes it possible to easily adapt it to meet customer requirements. It provides high electrical performance up to 70 GHz and very low insertion losses of -0.45 dB @ 20 GHz. It can reach over 100Gb PAM4. The IMP-SR is made of a central contact and an insulator. For RF applications, the ground contact is recreated directly by the cold plate, already present in the radar architecture, and in which the connector will be integrated.


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  • Up to 70GHz
  • Insertion Loss: 0.63dB @ 40GHz
  • VSWR: 1.3 Max @ 40 GHz
  • Data: over 100Gbps PAM4
  • 1.2N pressure force
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