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Radiall’s M-Loc™ series is a robust, lightweight and low PIM RF multi-coax connector series, designed for TDD and FDD applications. This series utilizes NEX10™ compatible inserts for excellent intermodulation performances in outdoor telecom applications up to 20 GHz. The multi-coax connector solution is available in either four or five ports, resulting in higher density connections, reduced installation times and a lower overall cost of ownership compared to discrete cable assemblies.

M-Loc's patented, tool-less quick lock mechanism provides secure, blind mate capabilities and reduces installation time.



  • IP68 rated
  • PIM performances up to 166 dBc (dynamic)
  • VSWR: 1.05
  • High power solution: 250 W @ 25 °C; 2 GHz (single channel)
  • Quick lock mating system
  • Tool-less design
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