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Sub miniature snap-on connector, operating in the range DC-4 GHz
50 ohms / part series R114 (AEP 2000-2699)
Also available: Limited Detent version (part series R115), Slide-on version (part series R116) and Lock version (part series R117).
SMB was developed in the 1960s and is standardized according to IEC 60169-10.


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  • 50Ω
  • Frequency range : DC ~ 4GHz
  • Durability : 500 mating cycles
  • Power rating at 1 GHz : 150W in CW mode


  • The outer diameter of the interface is approx 3.70mm

Specific for non magnetic P/Ns:

  • Products are guarantee that relative distortion of a magnetic field of 1.5T, generated by a non-magnetic connector, is less than 5 * 10-7 (0,5 ppm) at a distance of 10 mm from the surface of the connector
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