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Solutions for Air, Land and Sea at DSEI

September 2023

DSEI brings together 2,800 defense industry suppliers and gathers thousands of people working in government, the armed forces and the defense or security industry. This year, the show focused on solutions for air, cyber, electromagnetic activities (CEMA), land, sea and space. Attendees are able to connect with industry experts, attend training sessions and network with their peers from around the world.

Radiall’s team was able to attend the show, discussing our solutions for air, land and sea with attendees who work in the global defense industry. Our team showcased RF, multipin, optical and contactless interconnect solutions that can be used for the harsh environments that mil-aero, radar, drone and other defense applications often encounter.

The IMP family is a solderless solution that supports a range of applications and meets the new integration needs of board-to-board solutions.

SMP-LOCK is a subminiature lock-on connector that increases the retention force to prevent accidental disconnection.

Our range of antennas dedicated to military applications includes solutions for radio tactical communications, vehicles, positioning, LMR/PMR and telemetry.

The Co60ETH demonstrator kit is a contactless data connector solution that simplifies integration and provides high-speed data transfer for short range up to 1 Gbps.

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