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Solderless Interconnection for Defense Radar Applications

September 2023

The introduction of new antennas and radar for defense applications like fighter jets, missiles and UAVs brought about new requirements to achieve high performance levels. 

In recent years, Radiall introduced innovative connectors to follow the trend of miniaturization of applications while increasing performance capabilities. These products bring increased integration density and lighter interconnection to a simplified product structure.

Interconnect micro-miniature pressure (IMP) contacts support a variety of applications and meets the new integration needs of board-to-board solutions. The IMP solderless series provides a total cost savings by eliminating the constraints related to soldering during installation, life cycle and maintenance.

A New Solution for RF, Signal and Data Rate Interconnection

To meet the needs of new active antenna radar applications, Radiall has created a new member of the IMP family, the IMP-SR. This is a ground-breaking solution to RF, data and signal interconnection. 

IMP-SR is a multi purpose DC power, RF and digital data board-to-board connector that is solderless. This enables designers to use the same connector for power, data and RF, greatly reducing the complexity of the mezzanine/stack design.

IMP-SR  is strong enough to handle 20 Watts of power, up to 67 GHz of RF, and is precise enough to transmit digital data in PAM4 at 100 Gbps.

This connector features optimized radar system performance from L to Ka bands and even higher, allowing for very low insertion losses of -0.45 dB @ 20 GHz and excellent VSWR of 1.2:1 (20 dB return loss). The elimination of the soldering operation facilitates accelerated installation and training for operators. The maintenance operations of the connectors and the PCBs are simplified, reducing installation time. 

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