Simplification is Our Innovation

Technology That Brings People Together at Electronica

November 2022

Every two years, exhibitors and industry professionals from all across the globe travel to Munich, Germany for Electronica - the world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics. Radiall attended the event this November and showcased our latest industry-advancing technologies. 

Wherever Technology Lives, We’re There

Over the past seven decades, Radiall has pioneered innovative interconnect solutions that reach every corner of the globe, fly in space and are recognized by leading brands for their enduring performance. With cutting-edge manufacturing facilities on three continents and a footprint in 17 countries, we support nine primary industries and hundreds of applications. You’ll find us everywhere technology brings people together, from buses and trains to commercial aircraft and satellites. Wherever technology lives, we’re there.

Products on Display

At Radiall, Simplification is Our Innovation – with over 25,000 product numbers, we aim to simplify life for innovators, engineers and our customers.

This year at Electronica, we focused on forming connections through technology and rich storytelling. Our trivia phone game allowed us to interact with our visitors and chat about Radiall’s success and solutions. We featured a variety of our aerospace, defense, telecom, industrial, test & measurement and space products. Were you unable to attend Electronica? Visit our landing page here to take a look inside our booth.


With a global presence in the telecom industry, we make the future of high-speed communication possible. We offer cutting-edge products that can be used in radio antennas, equipment testing, point-to-point communication and more. 

Radiall’s MLOC™ and Nex10™ are low PIM RF connectors for small cell and DAS applications; and OCTIS™ is an outdoor connector that addresses the interconnect challenges associated with the development of 5G. RXF fiber optic connectors are another robust, cost-effective outdoor solution for FTTA applications. We also push innovation with our SMP-Max Evolution - a new design that offers SMP-MAX users cost-savings without compromising performance. 

Test & Measurement/Space

Our complete range of interconnect solutions and  switches focus on quality and precision and offer exceptional performance in both the test and space market. Radiall’s Quartz™ SMT relays and Ramses HF switches meet the latest miniaturization needs with excellent performance. 

Radiall’s space products are suitable for many space applications, such as launches, satellites or ground testing. The Q-MTitan™ series and LuxCis APC® are ruggedized, high-density MT Quadrax contact solutions that can accommodate virtually any cable. Radiall also offers space coaxial couplers and dividers with maximum precision and high-frequency RF attenuators and terminations. 


Radiall has a strong reputation in the aerospace industry, providing high-quality interconnect products and innovative solutions. From in-flight entertainment to cockpit applications, our versatile products are suitable for use on any part of the aircraft in extreme conditions and harsh environments. 

We featured our range of Quick Mate products - such as QR - Quick Install Radiall, the QM series and QuickFusio™ - which provide ultra light connections and functionality. Our EPX™ and MM/MB products are rectangular connectors for use in commercial and business aircraft. And the TNC lock plug simplifies installation on the aircraft with its self-locking coupling nut that can be tightened by hand. 


Supporting a wide range of military and defense applications, Radiall offers solutions for radar warfare, jet fighters, unmanned aerial vehicles, multi mission aircraft and missiles. 

Our GNSS antennas are designed for soldier radios, featuring passive and active antennas. Multipin MIL-DTL-38999 connectors and EB-LuxCis® connectors are low maintenance, ideal for mission critical interconnects; and the SMPM-LOCK is the most miniature connector on the market. Radiall’s IMP range provides the ultimate low profile board-to-board solution with easy installation. 

Timbercon’s high-quality breakout cables and Radiall’s D-Lightsys® modules provide end-to-end solutions for the complete optical link. 


Multiple VanSystem solutions, such as GM modular connectors, circular connectors, VF2 ground contacts and bayonet connectors support the most demanding industrial applications. Other Radiall products including the F2C-40 and CO60ETH kit can be found in energy, sensors and private communication networks. 

Radiall Quiz

At our booth, visitors could participate in an interactive quiz to test their Radiall knowledge. Five rotary phones played various fun facts that were related to our products. Once you listened to the question, you would fill out an answer card (and hopefully win a prize for the correct response)! 

Radiall brings people together through technology. With creative ideas, streamlined manufacturing and leading-edge solutions, we impact the lives of people throughout the world. We’re able to connect with you - anywhere and anytime - because wherever technology lives, we’re there. To keep up with Radiall, connect with us on LinkedIn!