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What is ARINC 600?

December 2022

The term ARINC 600 is often seen in discussions about the aerospace industry. While it may be one ARINC standard among several, the ARINC 600 plays a key role in the manufacturing and design of avionic equipment, and has done so for almost 30 years. ARINC, which stands for Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated, was originally a company that provided transportation communications and systems engineering solutions across several industries, and was eventually incorporated into Collins Aerospace. 

However, in addition to their commercial activities, ARINC developed several standards for equipment used in systems engineering and communications systems with a heavy emphasis on avionic systems. Enter the ARINC 600, which is the predominant avionics packaging standard utilized today alongside the ARINC 700 standard, which describes the form, fit and function of avionic equipment. 

Why is ARINC 600 so widely used?

The ARINC 600 is notable for introducing the Modular Concept Unit (MCU) into avionics. ARINC 600 goes so far as to standardize connector shell definition, connector insert layout and mounting dimensions and this is what sets it apart from other avionic standards. A rack that is made in accordance with the ARINC 600 standard allows for modular equipment to be installed into the tray. This equipment can be inserted, removed and replaced into a rack without having to disassemble the entire unit. Depending on the equipment's application, designers have the ability to incorporate a variety of signal, power and optical contacts to meet their needs. This is not only time efficient in terms of installation and repairs, but also cost effective as entire equipment units do not have to be removed and replaced, which is particularly beneficial in aircraft where large and complex equipment setups are present. 

Radiall’s NSX ARINC 600 series is recognized globally for its wide range of solutions in a mix and match approach that allows custom harnesses to be created based on customer needs. NSX is also backward compatible with the last generation of ARINC 600 connectors while maintaining high reliability and high performance output. Whether it’s the comprehensive choice of inserts, large selection of contacts or robust accessories to fill all types of requirements, the NSX ARINC 600 series produces nothing short of high-performance aeronautical equipment. 

If you’d like to know more about the NSX ARINC 600 series and the many solutions available, keep reading here or contact one of our experts!