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Simplification is Our Innovation

Smart I/O Solution

September 2017

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Radiall offers a simple, smart, rugged solution for I/O connections exposed to harsh outdoor environments.

OCTIS™ offers great advantages in terms of density, thermal management, and ease of use. With this unique solution it is also possible to die-cast the mechanical interface into the equipment frame, avoiding the use of a screw-on receptacle.

The OCTIS™ range offers interface options typically used in telecom networks or industrial applications. All versions are available in plug kit versions for manual assembly in the field.

  • SFP / SFP+
  • RJ45
  • DC power with 2 contacts + cable shield grounding
  • AC power with 3 or 4 contacts
  • Signal multi-contact with 8 to 12 channels, suited for management ports or ruggedized ethernet
  • Combo: DC and signal combined into one single interface.
  • Universal plug: compatible with any pre-mounted cable assembly interface that can fit in a 15 mm diameter. Available in standard size (26 mm pitch) or wide size (41 mm pitch) for  larger interfaces like HDMI, D-SUB, MDR
  • QSFP
  • Additional versions coming soon

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