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Ruggedized High-Density Solution for Military and Aerospace

April 2024

More bandwidth is needed in today's aircraft, which has necessitated the development of higher-density rugged fiber optic technologies. Higher-density solutions have opened up a range of new capabilities that were previously not an option. At Radiall, we strive to meet our customers’ needs and find solutions to the challenges they face. 

Optical Connectivity for Harsh Environments

Q-MTitan™ offers high-density optical communication in challenging conditions by fitting into size 8 Quadrax cavities and shielding an MT ferrule. Even in challenging mating situations, the protection of the optical end face is guaranteed by its scoop-proof design. 

The MTitan series expands Radiall's ability to offer a fiber optic end-to-end solution, from active transceivers to complex optical systems. The optical contact is compatible with ribbon and round cable. The innovative and user-friendly solution allows for insertion and extraction using size 8 extraction tools.

Designed for applications requiring higher fiber optic channels, Q-MTitan is used in radars, displays and in-flight entertainment (IFE).

Features & Benefits 

  • Protection of the MT ferrule for a ruggedized and sealed optical connection (IP67) 
  • Temperature range: -55°C to +125°C 
  • Durability: 200 mating cycles 
  • Vibration: 35 Grms (depending on interconnect)

Q-MTitan is available as a pre-terminated cable assembly (or individual kit based on specific customers’ needs) and can be designed and manufactured based on customer specifications. Schedule a virtual meeting with a Radiall expert to discuss the needs for your next project.