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Webinar Recap: Rectangular Connectors vs. Circular Connectors

June 2020

This month, Radiall hosted the first webinar in our #RadiallWebinars series. Field Applications Engineer Matt Ponto discussed rectangular vs. circular connectors. We know that not everyone who wanted to attend was able to, so we've decided to share the key points from the webinar below. 

Benefits of Rectangular Connectors
As technology increases, so does the need for more power and more data. This causes real estate to become a sought after commodity in the technical realm. And this is where rectangular connectors prove beneficial. Rectangular connectors have higher contact density and more overall space savings than circular connectors, thanks to the slim rectangular shell design. 

Another major advantage of rectangular connectors is their ease of use. The stackable shells do not require additional space for hand tightening or larger spacing to ensure circular torqueing devices can be applied. This reduces the number of tools needed, such as safety wires. There are multiple simple tightening mechanisms for rectangular connectors, including single tool or toolless designs that will still ensure critical torqueing values.

EPX is an innovative design developed by Radiall that utilizes the advantages of rectangular connectors. The modularity of rectangular connectors such as EPX allows receptacle shells to be pre-installed, which saves time when wiring. Inserts can be wired on a form board and plugged in the receptacle shell later, which saves time when mounting the whole harness and connector system.

Applications for Rectangular Connectors
There are two main applications for the EPX Series: disconnect and rack and panel.

The disconnect application is specifically designed with cable-to-cable or PCB-to-cable mating in mind.

Rack and panel is dedicated to line replacement units (LRUs). These are commonly seen as the “avionics box” units typically installed in avionic bays. The rack and panel series of EPX connectors combines ARINC 600 functionalities with cost, time and space-saving solutions.

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