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Optical Cable Assemblies

November 2019

Optical cable assemblies, also referred to as fiber optic cable assemblies, transmit data at very high speeds using light waves and optical fibers. The optical fibers are typically made of glass or plastic and are similar in width to a single strand of hair.

Optical cables made with glass fibers are very fragile; to keep them functioning and reliable, they require stronger protection than electrical cables with copper or aluminum wires. Optical cables are protected by layers of thick coating, strengthening fibers and a jacket. The inner laying of plastic coating helps absorb shocks. The next layer of strengthening fibers protect the innermost part of the cable from being crushed. Finally, the cable's jacket protects the cable from environmental interference. Radiall's team of engineers have specifically designed our cable assemblies to endure the harshest environments.

Optical cables provide some of the fastest transmission speeds, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as radar, military radio communication, intercom systems, data systems and energy distribution networks. Radiall designs fiber optic cable assemblies for indoor, outdoor and harsh environment applications.

Learn more about fiber optics, or view our full line of optical cable assemblies.

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