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Radiall, 5G and You: More About 5G

April 2020

A few months ago, we shared a little bit about the five pillars of 5G, specifically the small cell and massive MIMO technologies that Radiall products support. In this Insights post, we will break down the other three pillars of 5G: millimeter waves, beamforming and full duplex. Together, these five pillars contribute to 5G technology.

Millimeter Wave Spectrum
The radio frequency spectrum currently used for mobile device signals is getting extremely crowded, leading to slower speeds and download times. That’s where the millimeter wave spectrum comes in. This spectrum should open up a lot more space for the increasing amount of mobile traffic. It uses higher frequencies than other spectrums (30 GHz to 300 GHz), resulting in even quicker speeds for mobile users. These waves don’t travel well through buildings or large objects, but small cell towers will help with that obstacle. Read more about small cell technology.

Antennas typically receive and then send signals in all directions. This causes a lot of unnecessary traffic. Beamforming makes it possible for antennas to send a signal to one specific place, freeing up space for other signals to travel at the same time. Massive MIMO technology plays a big role in beamforming. Without signals bouncing off multiple antennas and running into each other, information can travel more efficiently.

Full Duplex
Full duplex technology allows antennas to send and receive data simultaneously, which is not possible with current antennas. Take a phone call, for example. Instead of waiting for your friend to finish talking so you can talk, full duplex technology would allow you both to talk at the same time while still understanding each other. This could potentially double the capacity of wireless networks and cut communication times in half.  

As 5G becomes more of a reality, mobile users will reap the benefits of faster speeds and less interrupted connections. Radiall is excited to be part of this step forward and continue designing products that support 5G technologies.

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