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Key Needs of the Medical Industry's Interconnect Solutions

May 2023

Medical connectors are used in applications like portable devices, surgical robots, diagnostic equipment, patient monitoring devices, dental surgery equipment and plasma medicine to help with patient care, diagnosis and monitoring. At Radiall, our medical solutions support patient monitoring systems, MRI, CI devices and more.

Requirements of Medical Interconnect Solutions

Medical connectors are used to send data, power and control signals to a system or piece of equipment that helps care for patients. There's more to choosing a medical connector than making sure it meets technical requirements. The right connector can make equipment last longer, be safer and be easier to use. High-quality interconnect components can also help to make medical equipment or systems work better and provide more value to the end user. 

Blind Mating

Connector-to-connector mating options for medical environments can include push-pull, quick disconnect, breakaway, bayonet and screw. No matter what connector is chosen, they need to be lightweight and easy to use. When there isn't a clear line of sight, blind mating can be helpful. This makes it easy for people who are wearing gloves and for people of all skill levels who use the equipment. In many medical settings, color-coding is also used to make sure that connector goes into the right place. 

Durability & Reliability

Connectors and cables are often the parts of medical equipment that are used the most. This means that they need to be much more durable than interconnects used in other industries or applications. Especially in diagnostic and imaging equipment, medical connectors need to be able to connect and disconnect up to 10,000 cycles. Overmolding the connector to the cable gives high-cycle interconnects a lot more durability.


When the connectors will be used in a clinical setting, such as a hospital or medical office, they need ingress protection (IP) ratings of IP50, IP67, and IP68. These are common specifications for medical connectors. Waterproof connectors can also help when medical devices and equipment are going to be reused, so they can be sanitized before the next use.

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