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High Reliability Multi-Coax Connectors for Telecom Applications

March 2023

Over 90% of the world's population owns a cell phone. With over 10 billion mobile  connections, there are more mobile connections than there are people on earth. With the evolution of wireless technology, an increased number of coaxial connections are required between antennas and radio units. 

Our new M-Loc™ multi-coax connector supports fronthaul technology. This connector is a higher density solution that reduces the panel size of the antenna and radio units. Used in multiband antenna applications, it can provide reliability and stability for the RF system.

Applications of M-Loc

Radiall’s M-Loc is used in multiband antennas applications and outdoor multiport jumpers to connect the RRU and the antenna. Designed for TDD and FDD platforms like the 4T4R, 8T8R and 16T16R, the M-Loc is suitable for systems with a reliable locking system that enables the connector to be easily locked by hand on the base station tower.

Save Time and Space with M-Loc

The M-Loc connector is a lightweight multi-coax connector that provides outstanding electrical performance, with interface dynamic PIM stability (-166 dBc ) and interface VSWR (1.05). This series utilizes NEX10™-compatible inserts for excellent intermodulation performances in outdoor telecom applications.

The patented quick-lock mechanism provides a secure, blind mating capability without the need of special tools. It features a lighter design with plastic housing. This quick- lock solution isIP68 rated after mating and requires no cement or clay tape, reducing installation time. The fool-proof design eliminates mis-mating, while saving on labor costs, improving efficiency on the job. 

The M-Loc’s 4 or 5-port cluster connector design saves panel size and space. It brings a stable interface with low PIM performance with power handling of 250 W @ 2 GHz & 25 °C (single channel).

To learn about the M-Loc and how it can be used in your next telecom application, schedule a virtual meeting with one of our experts.