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Fiber Optic Connectors for Harsh Environments

September 2021

Radiall’s comprehensive portfolio of interconnect solutions includes over 27,000 unique components. Connectors make up a large part of that portfolio, and harsh environment fiber optic connectors make up a part of our connector range. We design and manufacture fiber optic connectors specifically made to withstand and perform well in harsh environments. Keep reading to learn about some of these solutions. 

EB Tactical
We specialize in interconnect solutions for military and defense applications, which includes harsh environment fiber optic connectors. Our EB Tactical connectors utilize Expanded Beam (EB) technology to provide reliable optical performance in harsh environments and extreme conditions. EB technology also offers a contactless connection and more mating cycles.

EB Tactical connectors meet MIL-DTL-83526/20 and /21 mechanical interface standards, they can operate within a wide temperature range and they can be immersed up to 15 meters in water. Additionally, they passed mechanical tests for vibration, falls on concrete and mating endurance. Read more about our Expanded Beam product line.

This connector is the ideal solution for demanding applications in highly contaminated environments where low maintenance is essential. The fiber optic solution comes in various configurations, sizes and materials. It can withstand temperatures as low as -55 °C and as high as 125 °C. Additionally, it can last up to 500 mating cycles, making it extremely durable. EB-LuxCis is commonly used in avionic and electronic warfare applications. 

Radiall’s Outdoor Connector Transceiver Inside System (OCTIS) provides a robust interconnect solution for wireless applications in harsh outdoor environments. We specifically designed it to address challenges in the telecom market. Learn more about this solution.

This harsh environment fiber optic connector provides sealed connections for severe outdoor applications. It is corrosion resistant, dustproof and waterproof. Read about RXF’s specifications and performance.

Radiall designs fiber optic connectors for harsh environments that you can rely on when you need them most. If you have any questions about our product offering or how we can support your unique application, book a virtual meeting with one of our engineers today.

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