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EB Tactical

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Cable assemblies equipped with EB Tactical connectors are well adapted to military and field deployable applications.
These rugged cable assemblies feature high robustness with ease of deployment and low maintenance in the field.

Expanded Beam (EB) Technology:
EB offers a contactless connection which increases the number of mating cycles. When the signal is expanded, the connection becomes less sensitive to contamination which enables a simplified cleaning process.


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F739 series:

  • Tactical cable assemblies using Expanded Beam Junior size Tactical connectors.
  • Designed to MIL-DTL-83526/20 & /21 mechanical interfaces standards
  • Optical performance:
    • Singlemode: IL max: 2 dB / RL > 34 dB
    • Multimode: IL max: 1.5 dB / RL > 20 dB
  • Temperature range: -40C to +85C
  • Contactless connection increases product life cycle: 3000 mating cycles
  • Optimized EB technology provides easy cleaning and resistance to shock and vibration
  • Field optimized with hermaphroditic design enabling mistake-proof field deployment and daisy chaining
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