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European Microwave Week 2022

October 2022

At the end of September, Radiall attended European Microwave Week in the historic city of Milan. This 3-day exhibition is dedicated to microwave and RF components and solutions. At this show, we had the opportunity to showcase our high frequency interconnect solutions and answer visitor questions. If you didn’t have a chance to visit our booth, keep reading to learn more about the products that we displayed! 

67 GHz Terminations

We offer a full range of switches up to 67 GHz with a guaranteed operation up to 10 million cycles with superior repeatability. Their long life span and high frequency expand the excellent VSWR performances (1.65:1 @ 67 GHz). These products can be equipped with male or female connectors, withstand an average power of 0.5 W and cover temperatures from -50 °C to 125 °C with derating starting at 25 °C. 

Hermetic Range

Our hermetic connectors feature glass-to-metal technology that have the highest level of hermeticity. They ensure low RF leakage to meet strict application requirements, even in harsh environments. This product carries microwave signals in and out of electronic packages in order to guarantee that elements such as liquid, air or gas can leak through. Designed to fit applications requiring an extremely rugged and reliable seal in high pressure environments, these hermetic connectors are perfectly suited for use in underground applications, vacuum chambers, laboratory equipment and commercial and military aircraft.

The design provides durable connectors with excellent mechanical strength and no aging over time. Radiall’s hermetic product line offers a wide range of standard and custom connectors to provide excellent customer solutions.  

IMP Series

As the world’s lightest connector, these Interconnect Micro Miniature Pressure contacts only utilize one coaxial connector, rather than two or three. Because this is a one piece connector, they are a cost-effective and highly reliable solution. These products can be used on board-to-board applications such as mobile phones, handheld radios, GPS receivers and more. 

The IMP product range is available in 2 mm and 3 mm, while custom height specifications can be created upon request. Their robust design specifically aids in reducing the costs, improving the quality and quickening speed-to-market. 


The micro-miniature product features electrical performance up to 65 GHz. It is the smallest SMPM connector on the market with a locking system and space optimization, even in the tightest spaces, due to our right angle plug version. SMPM-LOCK features a robust locking mechanism, which dramatically increases the retention force of the interface and prevents accidental disconnection. Radiall has reduced the length of this product by over 40% compared to SMP-LOCK. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Radiall for support regarding your particular application!