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67 GHz Solutions for Test & Measurement Applications

June 2021

Radiall has decades of experience with Test & Measurement applications, including RF ICS testing, TVAC testing, ATE, test benches and more. Our comprehensive range of interconnect products and solutions up to 67 GHz are used in lab testing, production floor testing and instrumentation applications that support the aerospace, defense, telecommunications and industrial markets.

Learn about our cable assemblies, high frequency connectors and high repeatability switches that offer exceptional quality and precision for quick and accurate measurements.


Test & Measurement applications require excellent electrical performance and mechanical endurance. Radiall created TestPro to meet these market demands. The TestPro range is the perfect solution for Test & Measurement applications that require high precision, high flexibility and phase and loss stability with bending.

TestPro cable assemblies are ideal for daily use in components found in assembly shops, test labs, anechoic chambers, thermal vacuum chambers, nearfield scanners and automatic test applications. Radiall’s SHF test family (TestPro2, TestPro3 and TestPro VNA) is available up to 67 GHz for workshop testing, lab testing and metrology.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible cables from DC to 67 GHz
  • Various connectors available for a wide range of applications and environments
  • Excellent electrical stability with repeatable performance for the most stringent application requirements
  • Outstanding crush, torque and kink resistance for everyday use
  • Up to 5,000 mating and 20,000 flex cycles

Read about Radiall's TestPro cable assemblies


Radiall's 67 GHz loads expand the possibility to terminate a coaxial line in V-Band with excellent VSWR performances (1.65:1 @ 67 GHz). These products can be equipped with male or female connectors according to IEEE STD 287 and withstand an average power of 0.5 W. They also cover temperatures from -50 °C to 125 °C with derating starting at 25 °C. 

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent VSWR performance: 1.65:1 @ 67 GHz
  • Male and female versions
  • Small form factor

Check out Radiall's 67 GHz terminations.


Radiall offers a full range of switches up to 67 GHz (SPDT, DPDT, DP3T, SP3T up to SP12T), and our patented design guarantees operation up to 10 million cycles with superior repeatability. These switches meet the demands that 4G and 5G networks have brought upon the Test & Measurement market. They feature excellent RF performance, lifetime repeatability, miniaturization and high frequency capability.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent RF performance and repeatability
  • High frequency
  • Long lifespan
  • Miniaturization

Read about Radiall's high frequency switches.

If you have questions about these solutions or would like to request a custom solution, book a virtual meeting with one of our experts today.

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