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Simplification is Our Innovation

Time & Cost Savings For Test Lab Environments

December 2017

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Discover Radiall's QCD (Quick Connect-Disconnect), a simple, effective and efficient solution which provides quick termination for high repeatable test environments.

Radiall AEP's QCD (Quick Connect-Disconnect) provides a cost-effective, bayonet style connection system that reduces setup and calibration time for high repeatable mating test environments.

QCD is reliable and simple and provides excellent performance up to 26 GHz. QCD offers great advantages in terms of ease of use, performance, and setup/calibration. This solution guarantees 5,000 matings which is 5X the industry standard. With QCD's high mating performance, the product life cycle for test cables is extended and cost is reduced due to test cables not needing to be replaced as often.

QCD also provides a secure, tactical and fast connection system which saves more time for testing and less time in setup and calibration. Testing efficiencies are increased with repeatable performance making QCD an effective solution to address customers' testing needs.

Radiall also offers complimentary products to supplement other testing lab requirements. Radaill's expansive product portfolio includes; high performance Test Pro assemblies, attenuators, terminations, couplers and adapters.

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