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Custom Engineered Solutions for Rail Applications

August 2023

Radiall’s comprehensive range of connectors is designed for harsh environments in the railway market, including applications such as rolling stock, signaling and infrastructure. The range includes innovative multi-signal I/O solutions for optical and high speed data signals, such as Cat 7, MVB, Ethernet and RF coaxial, but also different solutions for power connectors up to 1000A . Discover our custom engineered solutions for railway applications.

Circular Connectors

Radiall Italia designs and manufactures circular connectors for harsh environments. The circular connector line is in compliance with SAE AS 50151 (MIL-DTL-5015) and VG95234 specs and has become a popular standard for rail applications. The bayonet coupling system is composed of three ramps machined on the external side of the receptacle connector and three stainless steel studs mounted inside the plug connector’s coupling nut.

Modular Connectors

GM modular connectors provide a flexible solution for data and signal transmissions. These connectors can be used for passenger control, display, internet connection, networking, light control and diagnostic support for brakes, motors or doors.

Data Connectors

Radiall Italia features data connectors Cat 7A / 7 / 6A, such as the vibration- and shock-resistant EVBS-C7 bayonet connector. EVBS-C7 is an alternative for Ethernet static interconnections inside railway vehicles. Standard EVBS connectors can be applied in sensors and Ethernet connection Cat 6 / 5E.

High Power Connectors

Radiall Italia also develops high power connectors: PWBS single-pole bayonet connectors (size 40 or 32 shells) were developed for motor connection in railway applications up to 1000A. CP rectangular power connectors have 3, 4 or 5 poles, and are ideal for motor-to-vehicle connections in railway applications. The PW series is modular, EMI-EMC compatible and can provide separate shielding for each pole.

Outdoor Connectors

In addition to connectors manufactured by Radiall Italia, our comprehensive product range of outdoor connectors are designed for severe outdoor conditions, mainly in wireless communication infrastructure applications. The range includes high power RF coaxial connectors to link microwaves, antennas, radio units and innovative multi signal I/O solutions for optical, Ethernet, power or coaxial. These solutions are based on both Physical Contact (PC) and Expanded Beam (EB) technologies to cover a range of applications.

To learn more about our solutions for the railway industry, including custom products, schedule a virtual meeting with one of our experts.