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Radiall Italia

August 2023

Milan, an Italian city in the north of the country and the capital of Lombardy, resides in a perfect and dynamic balance between history and modernity. An important financial center and home of the Italian stock exchange, Milan is the world capital of fashion and design and hosts important events such as Fashion Week. Milan offers a wide range of cultural attractions, including theaters, museums and art galleries.

The city is cosmopolitan, a crossroads of styles with a mixture of modern and ancient architecture, technical and economic universities, lively neighborhoods, a rich culinary scene and a vibrant nightlife. The hinterland is home to some of Italy's most important and historic manufacturing companies.

Working at Radiall Italia

Radiall Italia was established in 2021 after the merger between VanSystem, a company that started in 1977 to design and produce connectors for industrial applications, and Radiall Elettronica, a company specializing in the distribution of high-frequency electronic components.

The VanSystem series production process takes place in Baranzate. The brand, now called the Heavy Duty series, is recognized in the industry for reliability, durability and efficiency.

A perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation, Radiall Italia's employees include both experienced team members with technical and commercial know-how and a newer generation of managers with modern professionalism and up-to-date skills.

A secondary production site is located in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, where the more complex manufacturing processes are performed on last-generation machine tools.

Italy Employee Testimonials

"I have been working at Radiall Italia for about two years now. My previous position as FTE allowed me to expand my technical product knowledge; now in my new KAM role, I will have the opportunity to relate to the market and customer applications.”

—Matheus Teixeira, Key Account Manager

“Working with customers showed me the reputation Radiall holds and how recognized they are in the market. I have developed valuable professional relationships that make daily work enjoyable and motivating.”

—Federica Sacchi - Inside Sales Representative

”At Radiall I have the chance to expand my skill sets, develop my expertise and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in industrial fields. 

Radiall is investing in professional development programs, providing me and my colleagues the chance to participate in courses and training programs to enhance our knowledge of professional softwares such as Solidworks, SAP and Google Workplace.”

—Kevin Tonella, R&D Dept.

”Day-by-day I am involved in complex problem-solving that requires critical thinking skills. This constant mental engagement encourages my curiosity, creativity and innovation, allowing me to explore new tools and gain new expertise. The sense of accomplishment that comes from overcoming technical challenges brings satisfaction.”

—Carlo Callegher - UAP

Life in Milan

Milan is a modern and vibrant city that is famous for being Italy's capital of fashion, finance and commerce. With a population of around 1.4 million, Milan is at the center of one of the densest areas in Europe, with nearly 10 million people in the surrounding areas. 


The Milanese enjoy their nightlife, which is young, refined and cosmopolitan. After a hard day of work, they swing by their house to quickly tidy up for a night out with friends starting from the ever-present “aperitivo.” Milan nightlife is one of the most exciting in Europe – and the most desired in Italy, with bars open after midnight, numerous nightclubs closing at 4 a.m., excellent music and theater performances year round and art and cultural events held until late. Milan boasts every sort of nighttime entertainment with a unique touch of elegance and trendiness.


Milan is home to several big sports teams in different categories: it has two famous football (soccer) teams, A.C. Milan and Internazionale F.C. In basketball, Olimpia Milano, and in volleyball, Powervolley Milano, are popular teams. 

Milan also offers a wide variety of sporting activities, including water sports, football, cycling, golf, swimming, tennis, jogging and fitness classes.


Milan is a city that offers a lot of culture: the city is home to some outstanding works of art by some of the world's most revered artists and thinkers. Milan’s cultural heritage dates back to the Roman empire, with the Duomo Cathedral and Castello Sforzesco. Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper can also be found in Milan and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More than any other Italian city, Milan has placed culture and creativity at the heart of its social and economic development, building on its cultural and creative industries. It also has 11 universities and academies, as well as established media companies and is home to key players in the creative economy, especially fashion and design.


Milanese cuisine is characterized by the elements of the territory and influenced by its historical role as a center of trade. Among the dishes that are universally known are saffron risotto, Milanese cutlet, ossobuco and panettone (a typical Christmas cake that is now widespread throughout Italy) and other specialities like cassoeula, a stew with various cuts of pork and cabbage, and Milanese tripe, also known as busecca.