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Simplification is Our Innovation

3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process of creating solid parts from three-dimensional models, by adding layer upon layer of material. There are many 3D printing technologies that build 3D structures and objects (e.g. laser melting, fused deposition modeling, electron beam melting, material jetting). The processes are slightly different and have their own unique advantage and disadvantages. For this post, we’re going to cover SLA print technology, which is what we use for desktop 3D printing at our Centr'Alp facility.... read more.

Technology | July 19, 2017

The first Industrial Revolution was a period marked by mechanization and a shift to improved systems of transportation. The second Industrial Revolution brought rapid mass production; and the third era of industry introduced automation – the beginning of computers and robots replacing human workers.... read more.

Technology | July 14, 2017

Cleanrooms are controlled environments with very low levels of pollutants to ensure manufacturing processes aren’t adversely impacted by small particles. Radiall uses cleanrooms to develop and manufacture certain fiber optic and active products such as D-Lightsys transceivers, where small particles would adversely affect the manufacturing process.... read more.

Technology | July 12, 2017

Mathias is the Director of the Active Components & Solutions business unit. He manages the marketing, product road map, and design & development of active optics products.... read more.

Products, Our Company , Technology | June 22, 2017

Michel is the Global Product Manager for RF cable assemblies in the RF&I Business Unit. He oversees the development and marketing strategy for test and measurement products including SHF and Test Pro cable and cable assemblies.... read more.

Products, Our Company , Technology | June 21, 2017

Cathy serves as the Fiber Optics Product Manager and oversees the entire product life cycle for Q-MTitan™.... read more.

Products, Our Company , Technology | June 20, 2017

Carine is the Marketing Manager for Multipin Connectors and the Aerospace Market Manager where she analyzes market changes and oversees Radiall’s development strategy.... read more.

Products, Our Company , Technology | June 19, 2017

How does Radiall’s TNC Lock Plug simplify installation in harsh environments? TNC Self Lock Plug saves installation time aboard the aircraft by eliminating the need for extra lock wiring steps at install, instead it uses a proprietary self-locking coupling nut that can be tightened by hand. The only tool needed is optional, and it is a standard torque wrench. On average, installation time goes from 3-5 minutes (or more for difficult to reach installations) with traditional lock wire to only 15-20 seconds!... read more.

Products, Technology | June 16, 2017

How does C-MTitan™ simplify maintenance? The C-MTitan™ series of products is located within equipment boxes, and helps provide a complete optical link from the active device to the ship side harness. In terms of maintenance, having a disconnect between the active device and the contact exiting the box will not only save time and money during replacement, but will allow the active component to be salvaged. Couple this with the tool less insertion/extraction functionality of the C-MTitan™ cartridge into the various adapter options or connectors, and your equipment will be back up and running in no time.... read more.

Products, Technology | June 15, 2017

How does EPX® simplify stock management? Simplification of stock management is derived from the modularity the EPX® connector series provides, meaning the inserts are not fixed within the shell and are removable. Customers can simply order shells, inserts and contacts separately, and build the desired connector to meet the needs of their application. No need to reserve shelf space for connectors that serve one application!... read more.

Products, Technology | June 14, 2017
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