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Simplification is Our Innovation

How does QM simplify cable management? The Quick Multipin connector series simplifies cable management by providing an interconnect solution for aerospace and harsh environments that doesn’t require the use of a disconnect panel. In addition, the modularity of the connector’s inserts allow terminations to be conducted prior to installation on the aircraft. Combine this with the tool-less functionality of these connectors, and installation time for your application is greatly reduced.... read more.

Products, Technology | June 12, 2017

How does QuickFuisoTM and Q-MTitanTM simplify high speed data transfer? The combination of QuickFusioTM with Q-MTitanTM simplifies high speed data transfer by providing a robust interconnect that allows 12 fiber optic channels to be located within a size 8 Quadrax cavity. As a result, the small form factor addresses both space constraints and the need for higher data throughput.... read more.

Products, Technology | June 09, 2017

We want to be prepared for the future, so here are the 7 latest books on innovation that Radiall’s leadership team is reading:... read more.

Our Company | June 03, 2017
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