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Densified Cryogenic Solution for Quantum Technologies

February 2023

The quantum revolution is here, and more interconnect solutions are required to keep it moving forward. Quantum technologies (sensors, communication and computers) promise to be a technological revolution. Quantum computers could be able to solve complex optimization problems that are out of the scope of today’s most powerful supercomputers. As an interconnectivity enabler for harsh environments, Radiall provides more advanced and dedicated solutions to fulfill the higher expectation of quantum engineers. 

The Needs of the Quantum Computing Industry

Transforming this promising technology into a reality will require industrial breakthroughs to accompany the scale up towards an efficient and powerful use of these complex systems. New requirements will be needed: cryogenics, control electronics, microwave cabling and components. In the future, the quantity of qubits will grow rapidly to meet the commercialization of quantum computers.

The interconnectivity key requirements for quantum are densification, thermalization and innovation towards robust reliable and seamless solutions.

Miniature and multi-coaxial connectors with semi-rigid cables are essential in quantum computing due to the space constraints in these applications. Some leading technologies must be kept at ultra-low temperatures, so to keep them operational, all components must be able to operate in these conditions. 

Introducing Radiall’s Solution: F2C-40

This month, our global teams launched a new solution for quantum computing applications: F2C-40 (Floating Cryogenic Cluster). This 40-pin high-density multi-coaxial solution was developed in response to market needs. This solution is compatible with RoHS-compliant flexible and non-magnetic cable assemblies, which is perfectly suited for commercial quantum computer applications with more qubits. 

This non-magnetic and solderless connector with a floating structure on the outer and center conductors supports the stability of multi-coaxial electrical connectivity.

The F2C-40, patented by Radiall, also provides excellent performance up to 18GHz in a cryogenic environment and has been successfully applied to high qubits quantum computing devices.

To learn more about the F2C-40 and all of Radiall’s solutions for the quantum revolution, request a virtual meeting with one of our experts.