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4 of the New Products from Radiall in 2023

December 2023

This year, Radiall launched several new products for all different markets. Our solutions are designed to meet your needs, so we take the market demands into consideration during the product development and design process. Learn about four of our newest products that we launched in 2023.

F2C-40 for Quantum Applications

In Q1, Radiall launched a new solution for quantum computing applications. The F2C-40 is a 40-pin high-density multi-coaxial solution compatible with RoHS-compliant flexible and non-magnetic cable assemblies. Patented by Radiall, the F2C- 40 provides excellent performance up to 18 GHz in a cryogenic environment. Learn more about Radiall solutions for quantum technologies.

M-Loc for Telecommunications

In Q1, we released the M-Loc for multiband antennas applications and outdoor multiport jumpers to connect the RRU and the antenna. This connector is a lightweight multi-coax connector with outstanding electrical performance and interface dynamic PIM stability of -166 dBc.

Quick Slim for Aerospace

The Quick Slim connector is an ideal choice for applications requiring a high quantity of cables in a small space accommodated by the efficient size profile of the connector. It combines high-density wiring with EMI protection in a shell-to-shell grounded connector, providing high performance for expanding technology and design needs. 

Quartz-S for Space Applications

Based on the existing Quartz design, the Quartz-S is a mini electro-mechanical switch with surface mounted technology. It is perfectly suited for HTS or VHTS satellite payloads with redundant systems. This micro-miniature solution is cost effective, compact, light and could also be placed in LEO constellations. 

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