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The Quantum Computing Market: A Revolution Underway 

June 2024

Since the initial demonstrations proving the superiority of quantum computers over classical ones, the field of quantum computing has been buzzing with excitement. This dynamic market is witnessing the emergence of numerous innovative startups alongside tech giants like Google and IBM, all engaged in a fierce race to develop ever more powerful quantum computers. 

Qubits, the computational units of quantum computers, are at the heart of this revolution. Today, the largest quantum computers have hundreds of qubits, but tomorrow they will have thousands or even millions. This rapid progression presents significant technical challenges, particularly regarding the stability and lifespan of qubits. 

Radiall: A Key Player in Quantum Computing 

At Radiall, we are proud to play a central role in this technological revolution. As specialists in connectivity solutions for harsh environments for over 70 years, we develop cutting-edge technologies to meet the extreme demands of quantum computing. Our expertise extends to connectors and cable assemblies, providing a comprehensive range of products for this advanced field. Our infrared filters, essential for the proper functioning of qubits, are the result of advanced research and close collaboration with our R&D department. Additionally, Radiall offers both complete assemblies and individual components, ensuring we can support our clients throughout the prototyping phases while focusing on high-density solutions. 

A Consortium for Innovation 

Radiall is also a member of the I-démo BPI France program consortium. This program, called QRYOLink, aims to develop a microwave routing system for scaling up quantum computers. By collaborating with a complete hardware ecosystem and engaging with both academic and industrial partners, we are advancing the frontier of quantum technology. 

This technological project places us ahead of the curve in the field, reinforcing our leadership and commitment to innovation in quantum computing. 

Radiall’s Solution

The field of quantum computing relies on the expertise of a variety of industries coming together. Alongside tech giants like GAFAM, which already has a significant presence in this field, numerous startups are emerging with new ideas to advance this technology. For one of the most innovative companies in this sector, we developed our infrared filters. 

The primary application of these filters is to block infrared radiation (undesired frequency range) between two levels of the cryostat (the containment enclosure of a quantum computer). Typically, there are five levels at different temperatures. From the top at room temperature down to the bottom level near absolute zero (-273 °C), where the qubits are located, these filters must allow the RF signal to pass from one level to another while preventing the propagation of infrared radiation. This is essential for the proper functioning and extended lifespan of the qubits.

What Makes Us Different

Seamless Distribution Collaboration: We work closely with our distributors to ensure  smooth connections with new customers. 

Superior Raw Materials: We use only the highest-quality raw materials to ensure optimal product performance and stability in harsh conditions. 

Integrated Engineering and Production: Our microwave and production engineers are co-located, enabling rapid testing and qualification of new resins in collaboration with our R&D department.

If you would like to discuss Radiall’s solutions for your quantum projects, schedule a virtual meeting with an expert.