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The Future of Satcom in Defense Communications

June 2022

In the world of military communications, the radio has endured the test of time as the most relied-upon method of communication. Whether they are handheld, man-portable or vehicle-mounted, radio systems are known for their reliability, ruggedized durability and utility in the field. Since its initial usage in World War I, the radio as a defense communication system has been favored as the primary means of communication for in-field applications. However, the need to innovate and revolutionize technology is inevitable, and with that there is a growing hunger for one technology in particular: satellite communications systems, or satcom. 

The field of satcom encompasses any communication that involves artificial satellites. Due to the nature of the technology, service ranges can cover large geographic areas, especially in rural or remote regions, as opposed to relying on the infrastructure required for telecommunication networks.  

As the world becomes more interconnected through digital networks, there is a growing interest in creating a defense communication network that would extend communication capabilities not only within a single military branch but across all of them. While there are obstacles in this proposed idea, such as more opportunities for RF jamming and signal interception, the development of this type of network is underway. Satcom plays a critical role in this future network structure. As this technology progresses, the desire for miniaturization is on the rise in order to produce compact and easily maintained equipment, and Radiall products are continuing to hit the mark when it comes to serving the needs of this evolving industry. 

Radiall Products for Satcom Applications

Radiall produces RF coaxial connectors and cable assembly lines that cover Ka to X bands, which are ideal for satcom needs. 

SMP-MAX is a subminiature connector that operates in the frequency range of DC-6 GHz and was designed for Board-to-Board applications that require very large misalignment tolerances. The SMP-MAX series also offers two levels of retention: a slide-on option for the lowest retention, and a snap-on option for positive locking with retention. 

SMPM is an ultra miniature snap-on connector that provides secure connector solutions in a small, lightweight package that also meets MIL-STD-348. 

SHF cable assemblies are designed to provide reliable and durable cable links for satellite communications, offering all of the benefits of flexibility, ultra low loss performance and mechanical strength with an ultra lightweight option available. 

To learn more about how our RF coaxial and connector options can work for satcom applications, book a virtual meeting with one of our experts.