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Teaching Teachers: Expanding Students’ Career Options

December 2019

According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive, 66% of young French people between 18 and 25 years old have a positive view of the industrial field. For years, many people have had a negative view of the industrial field, so this is an encouraging statistic. Radiall is actively involved in fostering this positive change of opinion. We partner with CGenial and their Professors in Business initiative to spread accurate information about careers in the industrial field.  

What is CGenial?

Established in 2006, CGenial is a foundation dedicated to promoting scientific and technical careers among students. Its goal is to develop a thirst for science and technology among young people and introduce them to the variety of jobs available in these fields. CGenial aims to bring the worlds of business and education closer together. 

How We Partner with CGenial 

In 2019, we welcomed more than 30 teachers to our French production sites during CGenial's Professors in Business event. For half a day, our volunteer employees taught teachers about Radiall and the types of jobs we offer, as well as what it’s like to work in a factory. We took the opportunity to promote what we are proud of: our FabLab, our creativity rooms and how we embrace the factory of the future. 

  • "Welcoming students within our sites has always been a commitment of Radiall! We are convinced that first-hand experience is the best way for both teachers and students to develop a good understanding of what it means to work in the industrial field." 
    Muriel Nassiri, HR Development Manager at Radiall

Teaching teachers about our industry and what different careers at Radiall look like allows them to gain field knowledge to better illustrate their courses. It also gives them information to pass on to students who are exploring career paths.

Stéphane Clavier, a technology teacher, shared this feedback after visiting our Château-Renault site, “What impressed me at Radiall is the multitude of professions availablefrom metal machining, to plastic injection and electric cables, not to mention the design offices and test laboratories. I was also surprised by how important speaking English is in the industry. I intend to explain to my students that their language classes are very important for their future and that there are jobs at all levels in the industry.”

Education Transforms the World

More than helping young people find their career paths, education is an important factor in building a sustainable world. We are proud to spread information about scientific and technological jobs to younger generations, and we are excited to see how they will change the world. 

We look forward to continuing our efforts to help students learn about the different careers available to them. In 2020, we will be giving our engineers and technicians the opportunity to visit students in their classes and share about their jobs at Radiall.

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