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Space Solutions for LEO Satellite Constellations

April 2022

Radiall’s wide range of interconnect solutions supports a variety of space applications. One of these applications is LEO satellite constellations. Keep reading to learn about LEO satellite constellations and how our products support them.

What are LEO Satellites?

LEO stands for Low Earth Orbit, and they orbit anywhere from 120 to 1,200 miles from Earth. LEO satellites aim to provide constant global connectivity and make it available in places where it isn’t yet accessible. Because LEO satellites orbit lower than other satellites, they cover smaller areas. Due to their smaller coverage, large networks are needed to offer sufficient coverage. We commonly hear "new space" when talking about this kind of constellation. This application requires cost effective products.

These satellites are different than geostationary orbit (GEO) satellites, which orbit much higher (i.e., 22,000 miles) and stay in the same spot in relation to Earth. They can cover much larger areas than LEO satellites, with some GEO satellites covering up to a third of the globe. GEO satellites take frequent photos of the Earth, providing valuable information on weather, atmosphere and even oceanography.

Radiall Products for LEO Satellites


As part of the SELECTOR consortium, Radiall designed a Miniature Electro-Mechanical Relay (MEMR), high miniaturization, SMT-compatible, electromechanical switch for the space sector. This switch provides strong RF performances, making it ideal for satellite applications. Moreover, the SMT technology answers to the objectives of minimizing cost and improving integration that are required for LEO constellations, as it can easily be mounted on equipment by soldering the relay on a PCB.

Features & Benefits

  • Small size
  • High frequency: 32 GHz
  • Lifespan: 1 million cycles guaranteed 


The Quick Install connector is a revolutionary tool-less interconnect solution that reduces harness integration and maintenance time. It features a locking system to ensure instant manual mating and a slide lock with visual indicators to guarantee that the mating is secure. 

Features & Benefits

  • Instant assembly: one-finger mating technology
  • QR equipment for straight and right angle PC tail contacts
  • High density and ultra-light connector

We’d love to work with you and support your space applications with custom and COTS components for satellites, payloads, launchers and more. Check out our space booklet to learn more about the space-qualified interconnect components we offer.