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Space Connectors and Space Switches

October 2022

Dating back to 1974, Radiall has been involved in more than 300 satellite programs and established a strong reputation for space connectors and space switches. Today, Radiall leads the industry when it comes to quality, reliability and performance. Our space qualified products include coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, microwave components and switches. 

Space Market Expectations

The global satellite telecom market is constantly changing, driving up the demand for long lasting and compact products. We are now seeing a shift from the classic television broadcast application to an IP-based broadband market requiring high throughput satellites and adaptability.

New telecom payloads based on highly capacitive digital processors and active antennas are currently proposed, leading to important changes for microwave units in terms of architecture and technologies to cope with cost, mass, integration, DC consumption, thermal dissipation and redundancy/connectivity challenges.

Radiall has developed and qualified two new products which are perfectly aligned with this market trend: SMPM-Lock connectors and Quartz-S switch. These products must withstand the rigors of traveling at high speeds, shock and vibration, radiation, extreme temperatures and electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

SMPM-LOCK connectors

At 8.5 mm, this micro-miniature product is the smallest SMPM connector on the market. Compared to the SMP-LOCK, Radiall has been able to reduce the length of this product by more than 40%. Its small size ensures easy installation and space optimization, even in the tightest spaces. And our right-angle plug version saves even more space.

As we were designing this connector, Radiall added a locking system - composed of a locking ring to secure connections in any type of installation. This robust locking mechanism dramatically increases the retention force and prevents accidental disconnection.   

  • High frequency: 32 GHz
  • Temperature range: -65 °C to 125 °C
  • EMI shielding: 80 dB @ 3 GHz / 75 dB up to 32 GHz
  • Vibration: MIL-STD-202G Method 204, test condition D
  • Mechanical shock: MIL-STD-202G Method 213, test condition I

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Quartz-S Switch

We are introducing a new electro-mechanical switch, called the Quartz-S. This new product is based on the Quartz series, which has already been qualified for instrumentation and the defense market. Using Surface Mount Technology (SMT), this product allows for easy installation and mounting. It can be mounted directly onto the printed circuit board with an automatic soldering process, lowering the system cost and requiring less space. 

Weighing less than 10 grams, the Quartz-S switch is light and compact, meeting the latest miniaturization needs. It can work up to 32 GHz and covers high KA band applications. Additionally, its long operating life also provides reliability for up to 100,000 cycles of hot switching and up to 1,000,000 cycles of cold switching. 

This month, Radiall attended the SPCD (Space Passive Component Days) and presented the Quartz-S relay. We proudly received the award for best paper and presentation, detailing the design, features and status of this project. 

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