Simplification is Our Innovation

Save Space with QR Connectors

December 2022

There are countless applications on the Earth that require high-reliability connectors to perform in harsh environments - on railway systems and rolling stock, in wireless communication devices and more. But when connectors are needed to travel through upper levels of the atmosphere, they exceed the limits of traditional specifications. Aerospace is an extremely challenging environment for electronic systems and components with high levels of mechanical stress, shock, pressure and vibration.

The Need for Lightweight Components

Modern aircraft are packed with everything from controls and navigation to interior climate management and in-flight entertainment. These systems need reliable connectors to transmit power and data both quickly and efficiently. Electrical connectors can be found almost anywhere on board commercial aircraft: in the airframe, engines, interior cabin and control panels. They must be carefully specified and designed to fit the demanding requirements of flight. 

Due to the minimal space in aircrafts, it is crucial to create space-efficient aerospace connectors. Not only do connectors take up vital space, but they also add weight to the aircraft. Every extra pound, ounce or gram an aircraft must carry means more fuel burned during flight. Reducing weight can save thousands of dollars over the aircraft’s lifetime and increase energy efficiency. 

Quick Install Radiall Connectors

At Radiall, we focus on simplification in order to bring the most streamlined and miniature products to the market. With more than 70 years of experience, Radiall designs end-to-end interconnect solutions for EWIS, avionics, connectivity, power distribution and more.

To meet aerospace demands, Radiall designed a slim shape multipin connector: Quick Install Radiall connector (QR). This connector reduces installation time on the panel by 80% and offers 15% weight savings compared to a legacy screwed connector. A high signal density connector and secured in a snap, QR is the perfect solution to connect bundles with many wires. The slim design hosts up to 78 contacts in a 15 cm² area. With an average weight of 50g per mated pair, the full composite lightweight design connector provides necessary weight reduction for the latest flying applications.

QR contains a unique locking device system and a slide lock that have already been mastered and qualified on other Radiall product ranges. This labor-saving system only requires 11 seconds to install and mate,with the audible sound and visual indicators guaranteeing that the installation is secure. 

In 2015, the QR connector received an “Airbus Supplier Innovation Award,” recognizing the product’s design and Radiall’s ability to understand customer expectations. The next year, it took flight. 

High quality and reliable products are critical when choosing devices for aerospace applications. To learn more about our interconnect solutions and innovative products, schedule a virtual meeting with one of our experts!