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Radiall at Space Symposium 2022

April 2022

This week we’ve been exhibiting at the 37th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’ve had a great time meeting new faces and sharing how our interconnect solutions can benefit your space applications. If you weren’t able to swing by our booth or attend Space Symposium at all, you can learn about some of Radiall’s space products below.

And if you have any questions about a specific product or a specific application need, we’d love to connect. Book a virtual meeting with a Radiall expert today.

Space Design & Qualification

Radiall’s wide range of space qualified components support applications such as satellites, LEO constellations, launchers, and ground testing equipment. Space engineers at our state-of-the-art plant in Isle d’Abeau, France, design all of our space products. Our 600 m² ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean rooms are among several in-house capabilities that allow us to guarantee that our customers are receiving the highest quality components on the market. We use the following tools to design and model components:

  • Solidworks
  • CST Microwave Studio
  • COSMOSWorks
  • HFSS

Additionally, we use the following in-house test equipment to ensure that customers receive high performance and qualified components:

  • Vector Network Analyzers
  • Thermal chamber with nitrogen injection
  • Thermal vacuum chambers
  • Automatic test benches for electrical switch parameters
  • X-ray equipment
  • Multipaction and power handling test benches
  • Vibration shakers
  • Half sine shock machine
  • Reverberation chamber for EMC measurements

Radiall Space Products

Space Qualified RF Switches

We have more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing electromechanical switches. The space qualified range, SPDT, DPDT, DP3T and T switches can be fitted with SMA, SMA 2.9, SMP-LOCK or TNC interfaces, depending on frequency band and power requirements. We offer individual switches with D-SUB, external pins or flying leads for CMD and TLM controls. We also offer interconnected, compact switch matrices, from 2 to 8 switches.

Space Connectors

Our space offering includes a wide range of RF connectors with a frequency range up to Q-band. This includes SMA, SMA 2.9 and Very High Power TNC connectors that are ESA qualified, as well as TNC, 2.4 mm and SMP/SMP-LOCK connectors.

The Quick Install connector is a revolutionary tool-less interconnect solution that is ideal for LEO constellations. It features a locking system to ensure instant manual mating and a slide lock with visual indicators to guarantee that the mating is secure.

Space Qualified Optical Link

We offer a wide range of configurations for space grade assemblies that are available with high reliability connectors, cables and optical contacts, including legacy LC connectors, LuxCis® ARINC 801 contacts and space qualified Q-MTitan™ contacts. They can be assembled on single or multifiber cables or optical flex circuits, and they maintain a high optical link budget. Our optical assemblies are equipped with 12-fiber Q-MTitan contacts and HDQX connectors. The full optical links are qualified for use in stringent payload applications.

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